Silver the Snow Fairy: The Christmas Window


New Christmas series coming. Will be published Sept/Oct 2019. Charming, enchanting stories about Silver, a snow fairy, Wonder, her unicorn, and Winn, her little wolf cub. Stay tuned for cover reveal and updates!!!

‘Twas Just Before Bedtime


New collaboration for upcoming publication to begin in the summer of 2019 by author Jessie L. Best and author/illustrator  Cindy Bowles @ cillyart4u.

A book for children of all ages with enchanting and captivating illustrations and fantastical  poetry and short stories. Keep checking for updates, here!

New Cover Reveals


New covers for both middle grade novels plus a new subtitle for Molly Spungle!

New! Exciting, fantastical story lines in books 2 of Molly Spungle and Krikkit’s Shoes!

New! Christmas story: The Elf Who Didn’t Like Christmas

New! YA paranormal romance: An intriguing, spine tingling adventure and an unearthly love story in progress!

New Review for Krikkit’s Shoes: D’Arragon Prophecy


Krikkit’s Shoes:D’Arragon prophecy is an adorable, incredible, and fantastical tale that will entertain young readers for many hours. The story is one that is inspirational as well as compelling, thanks to many poignant themes laced throughout. The shocking moments will keep readers entertained. I believe that all children from the ages seven to 13, and even 14, will adore this story.

I adored the young protagonist and think many young girls will love her, her journey through D’Arragon, and her magical shoes. Krikkit finds herself entangled in a world of mystery, magic and royalty and the result is a phenomenal story that will captivate young readers’ minds with amazement!

Jessie L. Best is an incredible writer who knows how to capture young readers’ attention from the start. Best does this by weaving twists and turns throughout her book, as well as many jaw-dropping magical moments that will entertain and charm her readers. I, of course, have to award this book 5 stars!

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