New magic!


Book 2: Krikkit

The magic continues for Krikkit, who is now 11 years old, in the form of a new pair of magical shoes which allow her to journey through the Land of Dreams.  Things, however are not the same this time. The Dream Caretaker, who guides and protects her, has been kidnapped. Krikkit is alone and lost. Encountering a magical elf, who wants to rescue her, she wonders if the enchanting creature is friend or foe. After all, we all know what elves are like! Stay tuned as another mystical adventure unfolds.


Book 2: Molly Spungle

Magical fairy wands in the mystical receptacle are suddenly acting very strange indeed. Molly’s stunning red dragon is acting strange. Molly herself feels very strange. What is happening in the Spungle village where the young fairy discovered the powerful magic of the red stone. Will it still work in this new enchanting tale? Another exciting adventure unfolds as Molly strives to discover the source of the changes all around her.



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