First review Of Molly Spungle


Molly Spungle: The Secret of Red Stone is Jessie L. Best’s third book aimed at young readers and it follows the adventures of a young fairy named Molly Spungle, who escapes an evil sorcerer and must now rescue her friends.

Molly’s world is a magical place of potions, magic wands, good guys, bad guys, and a red dragon, Ran-Da, with exceptional powers-and a special connection to Molly. Young readers will learn about the importance of personal sacrifice for the greater good, the importance of friendships and the triumph of good over evil.

The device of the fairy has a long history in European culture, especially during the Victorian and Edwardian eras, where fairies (often  spelled faeries) figured in painting and literature. In Molly Spungle, we have an update on the fairy tales of the past. There are even overtones of L. Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz.

Even without a sequel, the book can stand on its own. It’s a pretty tale told by an author with a vivid imagination.


Cover Reveal: Molly Spungle: Book 1 Mystery of the Red Stone


5x8_Cream_190_newMolly Spungle: Mystery of the Red Stone is finally finished! Will be out in approx. 2 weeks.

Revealing the cover today. Let me know what you think. I will be adding excerpts in the days to come so stay tuned!


The tale is coming to an end.


Yes! Molly Spungle: The Secret of Red Stone is almost finished. Justice has been dealt to the evil sorcerer and he has had his final moments….or has he?  Wait a minute. That’s another book. Now on to the editing, formatting and designing a cover that depicts the story, it’s magic and it’s danger.

Look for the cover reveal in the following months.

Molly Spungle:The Secret of Red Stone


A peek into the world of Molly Spungle! A works in progress for middle graders.

Molly Spungle is in a lot of trouble, her peaceful life destroyed by the wicked Jar-Ed, her beautiful wings broken, making escape from the dreaded Fielders Forest, impossible. Worse, there is not even  a fairy pot potion to be found in this strange place to heal her and enable her to help her friends who are about to be attacked by the evil sorcerer.

Molly meets a strange little man, half human, half hobgoblin, who has agreed to help her find her way. She discovers a ferocious looking red dragon, as well, whom she is hopeful might aid her. But what good is he, lying there unmoving, encased in the mysterious red stone?

Stay tuned for news as the plot develops and Molly is faced with more danger than she has ever known!


A new exciting cover for Krikkit!


frontSomething new going into the holiday season for my readers. Krikkit has undergone a few changes over the last few months. A new cover and an updated story line with the possibility of turning into a series for middle graders in the future. I loved the old cover but Krikkit insists on having something new! She feels it tells more about her adventure in D’Arragon. Drop me a line and let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you. Here is an excerpt from the updated version for you to enjoy and ponder over!

“Jara, head bent low, ran like the wind through the misty path that went on for miles through the Land of Dreams and Fables. Krikkit held on tightly to Jara’s thick mane.  Light glinted all around them as they passed in and out of dreams.

At times the sky grew dark with strange shaped faces staring at them. Sometimes it rained, accompanied by explosive bursts of lightning. Traveling through one dream, hungry wolves snarled at them viciously. Krikkit’s unstoppable screams flowed freely.”